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Escape. We all need it. #VacationMovie looks hilarious!

We’ve yet to see it. But, I’m guessing that “Vacation” will be our must-see 20th anniversary film after some fondue dinner.  Right up there with our first movie date, “Dumb & Dumber”.  Funny, yet to the point.  

We shall see if we even escape to dinner and a movie, after the wanderlust/abandonment of July.  Our boys have laid the guilt on thick. 

But, we all need to escape. No matter your age. No matter your socio-economic standing. Just, no matter. We all need & crave to escape the normal, unless one already enjoys his or her abnormal life somewhere special with very special people. 

As kids, we learn to get away. For my generation, that getaway was a bike, a backyard, maybe a pool, one beach trip a year, a sport, a weekend preoccupation, and/or a nightly television show on one of only 3 network channels. There were no gadgets, smartphones, nor Internet. Imagine that, kids out there. 

Today, kids, including ours, have a ridiculous number of cable channels, handheld gadgets, DVDs, and almost limitless internet bandwidth (maxed out our 30GB this month. Ridiculous)  All from our collective couches and recliners. They need to get away from all of that media clutter more than we ever did. 

And, that’s what we are doing right now. Off to the pool. Most kids around the world have no such thing. I know that. Our kids loathe my reminding them. But, it’s true. Appreciate the small escapes, especially those with modest exercise. 

Adults, as we age through good and bad times, really appreciate the all-to-brief escapes.  Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you, pool dad. “Hey, I’ve gotta go back to work” he says to his young son, before his boy climbs up the pool slide. I’ve never had the misfortune of saying those words before…when I actually had a career. Either I was “working “, if one could call it that, or I was not. You know, back when Blackberry phones were cutting edge and drove the business world . (Just saw one on the plane three days ago. He’s Canadian. Loyal to BBs dying day). Nice. Anyway…

That’s our escape from our Wii , DVD, and snack-filled sleepover time this morning. Whatever it takes, you know. 

For me, it’s fun times away from the usual and anytime where our collective “Blue Mind” is active…even at our pool. If you haven’t read the book, please do…

Blogged about this book and related state-of-mind one year ago today @ https://justbecausetwit.wordpress.com/2014/07/30/heart-healthy-thats-a-blue-mind/  .  No heart monitor this summer. “Celebrate good times, come on!  Let’s celebrate!”

Just one year can make a big difference. Sure, we’re all a year older. Our kids are grown and two are growing up faster than we can comprehend. My Love and I are less relevant…until we leave town and life is less predictable. You know. Normal. 

Escape with ones you love is very good. Even great!  Going it alone might be fine for some to escape. But, my dream of this month came true with three loved ones. Next escape includes another three. 

We head to Chicago for our nephew ‘s wedding this weekend, but I’m already looking into international travel for our next escape to Europe for 4-6 of us next year. Airfare is the largest investment/barrier to wanderlust. We shall conquer that. One way or another.  Preferably round-trip for now. 

Someday. One way for two, please  Others can just meet us there. Wherever there is. 

Really looking forward to that. Selling and giving it all away is the plan. 

Finding our places to not only land, but thrive with others…especially our loved ones and those yet to be born….is our next decade’s plan. By then, we should have two girls with their own families and two boys ready to soar on their own or I’ll be happy to launch them. 

Just saying. 

Ciao, for now. And, salute’, fb amigos. 


Still here…

I’m writing. Just not here for a few months. But, for good reason…

It’s been a soul-searching few years. Three plus years void of organized religion, except for Christmas and Easter. We all have traditions. 

This Captain has been writing my first book, in two of our son’s notebooks. I thought it apropos to revisit my childhood in a Cars/Lightening McQueen notebook and early adulthood in an Angry Birds notebook. 

Granted, this rough, very rough draft will be edited many ways and put on-line eventually. I am struggling with self-publishing, which seems to work for the sultry Meredith Wild books, but may or may not work for this first novella of its kind. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Stay tuned. Big summer times are ahead. We head to the Gulf soon with all 4 kids, no grandparents, plus one boyfriend. A fine young man we just met recently. 

Looking forward to this trip, hiking the Camino de Santiago of Spain, and a well-deserved get-away to Costa Rica with My Love, Ginny Lee. 

We will eat & drink well, as always. 

Summer is almost here. Make the most of it. We certainly will. Much more to come. 


Capitan Brad

Heart healthy @ 46. Maybe…


Good times. Good times.

There is nothing like a month-long, hidden heart monitor that makes you think about life. Just sayin’.

Today is my silly day. It’s just another day. Another heart flutter. Another day. But, it is my 46th anniversary of living on this marble. That’s about it.

Loved my 4 well wishes & love from 4 children I’ve helped to spawn…not to mention my one true love.

Our oldest girl reminded me of supporting her dreams and she encouraged me about mine. Dreams are very real. They speak to us in our sleep. Moreover, they drive us when we are awake.

Dream on. Make them happen.

Cheers…says this future Captain.

Join us for our second half.






Heart healthy. That’s a “blue mind”

Great summer….no, lifetime reading.

I cannot believe the reaffirmation this book from Dr. Nichols has offered. Especially now.

As we left our new favorite SW Florida home, it began. Call it a flutter. Call it palpitations. Call it an ache. How about “all of the above”? Very real.


According to the good doctor, it’s normal. Water of any kind brings neutrality, peace, calm, etc. Thus, my second-half career choice training, which continues this fall with SCUBA and next spring with more sailing certs through costal navigation. Weeks of training leading to a half-lifetime of water, selling pleasure, and hosting family, friends, & strangers-to-new-friends alike.

Don’t get me wrong. Our outdoor Y has a great lap pool that we all enjoy. My favorite moments there are lap swimming with our youngest boy. He’s strong. But, that pales in comparison to playing, diving, swimming, and exercising in the clear Gulf waters. Same for the Caribbean.

Being land-locked won’t work for me and ours. We love to explore. Max asked me about my favorite things the other day and he answered for me “our family, the beach, good food…and travel”. Son, you are mentally strong too.


Both boys love good water…


…which is why I let them play in strong currents. It’s a lot like life. Big force. Fun play. Knockdowns. Getting back up to go again. That’s life.

I know fun. Really fun. I know privilege. And I know otherwise. However, what I know best for all of us is a change of latitude and atmosphere. It will happen. Sailing Charter Captain by 50 is still a must. Join us.

Then, we are very well positioned for little & grown kids with “blue minds” going between Pass-A-Grille and St. Croix, USVI. Then….on to grandkids who better be able to swim at birth. Just sayin’.

Look into the “Blue Mind”, if water is your thing. You’ll be glad you did.



39 and 15 from s/v Smitty

39 and 15.

Another dreamer inspiring this dreamer as each of our journeys continue…

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