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Walking the Camino as a couple

Walking the Camino as a couple By Cathy Seitchik Diaz David and I went to see the documentary, Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago on February 21, 2014. As we left the theater, I said to David, “I want to do this. I want to walk the Camino de Santiago.” At that time, David, not […]


A Tale of Two Pilgrims

A Tale of Two Pilgrims By Daniel DeKay Salvitur ambulando ‐ St. Augustine (All things are solved by walking) Jeanette Lansbergen closed the front door of her home in Rotterdam and began walking south. Two months later she arrived in St. Jean Pied de Port. Along the way she camped out, cooking her own meals. […]


Guilt & Wildlife. Everywhere. 

An amazing July is coming to a close. 

I loved my 2+ weeks with our oldest daughter on the Camino de Santiago, 

my weekend with our youngest daughter in Madrid,

 and my four days or so in Costa Rica with my love….

…only missing two little dudes who I left behind for almost a month…

…and they let me know it. They broke down while I was away on separate occasions and I’m getting it today as Mom had to take off for a product launch meeting early this morning. We have a little quality time due as the start of school is coming fast. 

As I explained to our oldest boy, though his tears, this is just another lesson in what life is really like. You go on unexpected adventures. You miss people. Things don’t get done around the house without effort. Parents need to spend great times together. Job demands time & energy at the family’s expense. That’s life. 

But. Big but here. I promised him that our two decades of fun, tasty, traditional beach trips may be done. More non-traditional beach, mountain, village, and cross-countries experiences may just be our new norm. That’s my promise to these boys. 

From hailing taxis in Manhattan to doing the same in Europe to trekking through countries and soaking up sights via Eurail and Amtrak. My eyes are wide-open now to giving these boys travel experiences that we gave our girls and beyond, as our girls have ventured in their teens and early adulthood. Our boys need that wanderlust sooner than later. 

We’ve referred to our boys, amongst ourselves, as monkeys and they need to greet and meet other wildlife, as we did last weekend…

Holler monkeys are tough to see, but easy to hear, especially before sunrise.  Iguanas act like they own the place. Raccoons and birds use the pool as a watering hole. And, then, there are these guys & gals we enjoyed on the way to breakfast….

Funny little boogers. Nice early morning surprise.  Loved it. 

Here’s to you and yours , with monkeys or not, finding your happy places, vistas, conversations, and lasting memories….& motivations to do it over and over again. 


Just Kaitlyn. In Madrid, Spain. 



Goodbye to Madrid. Shuttle to airport is almost here. 


Camino reflections. 

For anyone who has followed Brianna and her old Dad for the last two weeks, you have seen & heard sights and sounds that the two of us have never experienced before. 

Imagine walking, not running, a marathon everyday for 13 days.  Cross-country marathons with hills, valleys, mountains, and river and creek beds. Farms and villages. Dirt paths to concrete roads. Highways and rarely used back roads. You get the pictures…..

Like our world, the Camino is diverse with places & paths,,,,,and people. We walked between and lived in 14 different places, most called albergues, over these last 14 nights. Every single one was managed by capable folks, but varied wildly from hippie style to chic. Throw in an eclectic bunch of pilgrims at each stop, all randomly brought together based on timing and levels of exhaustion…and you have a different dynamic every night. 

This is a beautiful thing. Like God’s creation, each of us are our own little miracle. You don’t need a long hike to figure that out. But, I digress. 

Any travel you do, local to afar, is about the big 3. People. Places. And things. Or, nouns, as I like to call them. 

The last being interesting to totally boring. The middle being required to get you out of your daily comfort zone. And, the first, to engage you in conversation, laughs, and memories that can never be duplicated anywhere..

.to be continued tomorrow.  I’m tired…

 (7.5 hours of needed sleep later…)

Good morning !   I’m up.  As I was saying, before exhaustion overcame me….Things are just things, Places get you going and out of your comfort zone and the People are many reasons to motivate you to get out there. Be it your daughter who asks for that Spring Break trip to NYC or the beach or for weeks walking Spain…..I know. What young person asks to spend precious vacation time with old Dad? Well, evidently, mine….the point is to find a way and just go. 

None of us are getting any younger, especially yours truly….

Yeah, that was me & My Love when our girls were tiny. Me and my Mom. And miss Lilly, our newest addition. 

How does one go from such black to gray, you may wonder? Life details provided in my initial posts are archived here.  My 40’s started in a rough way and we’ve regrouped, downsized, and prioritized like the younger me could not anticipate.  Two constants, over most of the last decade, have held steady.  Family and travel.  Sure, we lost both of our Dads a couple of years ago, but our family was there.  Sure, I cannot plan and bill business/pleasure trips to my company anymore. But, we still find a way to go and help our girls explore foreign lands & experiences via Delta SkyMiles. Thanks, AMEX & Delta!

What motivates you to get out of your ordinary world and explore that different place?  Or, keep returning to that place where family memories keep building up layers upon layers? 

Here are my motivational loved ones…

There you have it. The big five reasons (plus pup) why I still care. Why I’m still here. And why I made this trip to sunny, beautiful Spain (not a drop of rain in over two weeks).

Those are my reflections from this long and fruitful experience with Brianna and many others.  Santiago again today. Train to Madrid tomorrow. Back to home on Monday.  Hanging with our boys for a couple of days, then…off to Costa Rica on Thursday with My Love. Couples-only trip that she earned with her business team.  Nice July, heh?

As I’ve tried to make all too clear, I may not be getting any younger, but my loved ones and the places & experiences we share together are about as good as any fountain of youth that this mind & body has found. Or. Maybe they found me. 

Maybe that’s what God had planned all along. 


Stay tuned…..

Bad wifi. Horse puckey. And the running of the Bulls …and cows. We are waaaay out here, Camino! Viva Spain!

I was in business for almost two decades and I navigated a lot of $#!+. But nothing like the merde I’ve navigated literally and technologically the last few days. But, here we are, in Gonzar, at the bar (oh, Dr. Suess) wifi from afar.  Oh, the places we go. 

You see. We had a first world problem. When in the vast space of Galicia, techy concerns, wifi (pronounced “wee-fee”) is what it is. The flies here have stronger connections than technology. Maybe that’s the point. Horse a and cow poop smells stronger than any online connection could be. C’est la vie. (Camino is French too)

Until I have a real connection with gusto. Trust me. I have pics & videos to write home about. That’s the whole point. Sure, I want to entertain my blog followers, but this blog is mostly for the most beautiful and caring woman & partner and our 4 remarkable kids (2 grown women & 2 little dudes). 

Find pics and videos & links @justbecausetwit on Twitter. I sincerely wish I could do better here. Just. Not. Gonna. Happen. Galicia. Spain. 

Thanks for reading and following. 

Best to you & yours,


Viva Camino. Viva REALLY good times. 

I cannot quite put the last 36 hours or so into adequate words. But, I will try. 

Brianna and I trekked into our next village early, per usual, and scarfed up the perfect room with perfect hosts named Christina & Stephan. He’s a police officer in Belgium and she’s retired from her social services career. But they are so darn funny…look for the blonde on the left and laughing guy on the right….

…and the guy with way too much vino tinto here too…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Life is to damn short. I get it   

Last night was classic in so many ways. One video of myself and Laurence from South Africa will prove it…

Warning:  do not watch this if you are uber-moral, carry distain for late-night conviviality, or have a child near you. If you are a free-thinker or like those…ROLL TAPE!

Quite the night and, to everyone’s surprise, I jumped into go mode and we hit the Camino trail early for us. We passed a few, found our family of four, crossed into hippie land….

…and it was good. Nice people who live here…


Not what I was expecting from my guide bible, but sweet, welcoming and nice. 1€ for refreshment and we were on our way.  
The remainder of our walk went by pretty fast and we were soon gazing down on Astorga. 

Fortunately , historic agua stations are everywhere on the Camino. 

Astorga is a beautiful town of 12,000. More Milan is style and attitude. I even put on my standard white shirt to cover up the sweat in front of the Sunday cafe’ and church crowd. 

A few kilometers later and we find ourselves in a little village of 50 called Murias. The aubergues were not to my liking or inattentive. Thus, a sweet B&B will do…

Our señora host was wonderful and did our laundry for us. A mom for a day she was. Gorgeous home and better that many B&B’s back home. 

As for nightlife, well, let’s just leave that we found the hub of it next door. A cafe, bar, and restaurant that serves up delicious meats, octopus…

And many $3 bottles of casa vino tinto. 

Much more to share, but we must go now. Much more I need not share. 

Buen Camino!


Still here…

I’m writing. Just not here for a few months. But, for good reason…

It’s been a soul-searching few years. Three plus years void of organized religion, except for Christmas and Easter. We all have traditions. 

This Captain has been writing my first book, in two of our son’s notebooks. I thought it apropos to revisit my childhood in a Cars/Lightening McQueen notebook and early adulthood in an Angry Birds notebook. 

Granted, this rough, very rough draft will be edited many ways and put on-line eventually. I am struggling with self-publishing, which seems to work for the sultry Meredith Wild books, but may or may not work for this first novella of its kind. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Stay tuned. Big summer times are ahead. We head to the Gulf soon with all 4 kids, no grandparents, plus one boyfriend. A fine young man we just met recently. 

Looking forward to this trip, hiking the Camino de Santiago of Spain, and a well-deserved get-away to Costa Rica with My Love, Ginny Lee. 

We will eat & drink well, as always. 

Summer is almost here. Make the most of it. We certainly will. Much more to come. 


Capitan Brad

Heart healthy @ 46. Maybe…


Good times. Good times.

There is nothing like a month-long, hidden heart monitor that makes you think about life. Just sayin’.

Today is my silly day. It’s just another day. Another heart flutter. Another day. But, it is my 46th anniversary of living on this marble. That’s about it.

Loved my 4 well wishes & love from 4 children I’ve helped to spawn…not to mention my one true love.

Our oldest girl reminded me of supporting her dreams and she encouraged me about mine. Dreams are very real. They speak to us in our sleep. Moreover, they drive us when we are awake.

Dream on. Make them happen.

Cheers…says this future Captain.

Join us for our second half.






Exploring a Less Fearsome Coral World in St. Thomas

Too good. Love her spirit. Cheers.

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