Do we need to fake it?

According to the Today show, today is national honesty day, the last day of April. If Matt & Savannah say it’s so….

Coincidently, I’ve been thinking lately about the antithesis of honesty. To fake or not to fake?

I’m just not sure where to start…my history of faking it…my older self rarely faking it…my former & current family faking it…or not. Too much there. And, too personal to detail here.

However, what about all of the modern faking of all kinds by so-called friends, acquaintances, & strangers?  Fakes are everywhere we go. Thus, when we stumble upon genuine, unique characters, we find a little Heaven on earth.

We all want honesty & truth to prevail & improve our lives.

We all need honesty. Really need it, for sure.

I walked into a great family movie last night about a work-aholic dad, his submissive wife, neglected kids, and illuminating/corruptive nanny….yes, Mary Poppins. Really. But, the truth did prevail and all ended well, thanks to Walt Disney & Co. of 50 years ago.

Having about two decades of sales & small business management experiences in my gut, I’m convinced that we are only as successful as what each of us accomplished today. Your college transcript means nothing. Your resume’ means very little.  What really matters are proven results you influenced and your potential to do so moving forward for others. You cannot fake those.

Enjoy your national honesty day today….and, hopefully, many positive results to come for you & yours.